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Burn DVD - GoPro Studio - Windows 10

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I am running GoPro Studio (the old one, not Fusion Studio) on a Windows 10 computer with an LG Blu-Ray DVD Burner.


The 20 minute .mp4 file is 1920x1080 Full HD and a bit over 3 Gigabytes in size with embedded sound.


The video file is great when running from hard drive.  When I burn to a DVD, the DVD is choppy, with lots of stop and starts.  It is not the DVD player as it happens on multiple devices - PC and on Home Video setup.


Was .mp4 the best file format to save the file in?


What software should I be using to burn the DVD?  (I used whatever came with my ASUS PC - CD Pro or something)


What type of DVD should I burn to, as I see there are different speeds 4x, 8x, etc.?


Much appreciate your help.


Thank you,