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Bring back GoPro Studio

I think Quik is terrible. Well, what I've seen of it, mostly it just crashes.


To be fair, maybe I'm not the target audience. Quik is probably fine for crazy surfer dudes who don't want to spend time editing their video and just press one button to have it all done for them.


But I want more control than that. I want to be able to handle my own transitions, make use of all that lovely Protune raw data to make the footage look amazing and add my own soundtracks as I see fit.


Quik is like buying a Rolls Royce, then getting a chimpanzee to drive it for you. A blind chimp. With no arms.


I don't want to spend days using something like Premier, because I'm not using it for professional purposes.


What I want is something in the middle, somewhere between idiot and professional - surely that includes a fair percentage of users?


What I want is...oh wait, GoPro Studio. Which GoPro have killed off.


Although a 64bit version would be nice, so it could actually use all the memory installed on the machine. Oh and if it could also use the sensor data too, that would be awesome. Oh and have an option to turn off that annoying template screen.