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Backwards Stitching in Fusion App


I'm using Fusion Studio 1.3 and I want to output an overcapture shot. I went thrugh importing, selected the "Overcapture" slider set it to "GoPro Wide" and "16X9" and "Full Stabilization" and chose the following settings in the render queue.Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 5.37.57 PM.png

When I render out the file and open it up in the GoPro VR player V3.0 i get the following result like it is stitched backwards. 




Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 5.48.27 PM.png;

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 5.27.10 PM.png


The preview of the overcapture in the Fusion app looks correct, I can pan around and it looks perfect.


If I render it out as a regular 360 file (not overcapture) and play it back in the GoPro VR Player it works perfectly and I can hardly find a stitch line. At first I thought this was an Adobe Premier issue because it kept showing up when I tried to edit but it is also showing up in the VR player.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Backwards Stitching in Fusion App

When you output the video using overcapture, you're turning a 360 degree media file into a regular 16x9 video file (kinda like the 16:9 you'd see from a GoPro 4, 5, 6 or 7).  However you're then trying to play that file in GoPro VR Player which is for 360 media (not 16:9 media) it's trying to warp that 16:9 file back into a 360 degree file.  This now isn't possible since you've used overcapture to cut out most of the media.  So you're seeing the sides of the file trying to be merged together.


What you should be doing is create the overcapture shot as planned.  But when you go to play it back, play it back in Windows Media Player or VLC player.  Don't use the VR player as that is only for spherical (360 degree) video.

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Re: Backwards Stitching in Fusion App

In all of the tutorials I have seen I should still have the ability to pan around and view the entire 360 video but within a limited FOV. This should allow me to take it into Premier and use keyframes to pan and tilt around within the vieo and create a standard 1080p shot. This works within the Fusion editor perfectly except you can't save the pans and tilts (you can only preview the video while moving through and the stitch is correct) but after export I get the seam. 



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Re: Backwards Stitching in Fusion App

To be able to pan around and view the entire 360 video, you need to export it as a 360 video. in premiere Pro you can then use the GoPro Fusion Plugins to create an Overcapture image. If you create an Overcapture image in Fusion Studio, there is no 360 video to pan around in, because you have cropped it into a 16:9 image. The information @irishmanpdx is correct.
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Re: Backwards Stitching in Fusion App

Thanks guys!


I'll give it a try tonight without rendering in overcapture and see how it goes.


Thanks again.