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Re: Auto rotation stii not working

Ok I see what you are saying which is accurate. But humor me. Take a camera and do this I did this after reading your email and it still doesn’t work. So take your camera which ever orientation you choose I tried all 3 and start a recording in each of the modes auto up or down and flip the camera numerous times yes the orientation changes as you flip the camera, but now check your recording the flipping you did doesn’t get fixed as the display shows the  video just flips so have any of you pros come up with a different technique please let us users know……

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Re: Auto rotation not working

Ibthinkbthe issue with the auto rotate option isn't it isn't always reliable. So even if it is set to "on" and the camera is turned upside down and then recording is started it can record "the wrong way up".

I have found that when this happens powering off the camera; removing and reinserting the battery and then powering the camera back on resets the auto rotate option so operates correctly but obviously this method should not be used when under water :)
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Re: Auto rotation not working

This IS the fix. Period! That is... until GoPro can create a firmware that is consistent with the feature. After charging, I always pull my batt and wait 39 secs. before reseating it. Seems to clear out the gremlins.