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Re: Auto rotation not working

Ive come back to apologize for my bad grammar lol its THERE not their. 


PS auto rotation has still not fixed, i check everyday to see if it works, since it randomly stopped when this all started.

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Re: Auto rotation not working

Why gopro support dont Give a answer???
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Re: Auto rotation not working

I have the same issue. I bought gopro 5 few days ago. Camera is fixed on the roadbike upside down. I use quick-capture mode to start time lapse photos. 70% of photos are autorotated and rest is not


Camera has the latest software update


Any solution for this?

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Re: Auto rotation not working

I have the same problem. Camera set to Auto on my bike. All bar two of the clips I shot were upside down. Please can someone explain why?

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Re: Auto rotation not working

@barryboy1952 - The orientation of the videos is locked in with how the camera is positioned when the camera starts recording. Even so, it's a simple fix in Studio or other editors to flip the video around when you want to.



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Re: Auto rotation not working

Yes,  but the camara is  steady fixt on the motorbike with a mount. No rotation at all.

 And i work with quick so not possible to flip around.....

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Re: Auto rotation not working

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Let me see if I understand this..

I bought a camera that is suppose to auto rotate, which means, regarldess of what angle the image is shot at, it will keep the level upside right.
For example, on my helmet the camera wont mount on the top, it has to be mounted just off centre, on an angle..
Keeping auto rotate in mind, if the camera is turned on in this position the image when played back should be level..

It isn't, auto rotate does nothing, it appears to be an option that literally does nothing..  I just blew $15 on a mount for the helmet that does nothing because the camera as it turns out can't capture video on an angle.

And don't say it can be edited,  Auto rotate means jus that, it doesn't mean, well, you can edited later... 

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Re: Auto rotation not working

Hi @vertifo,


The Auto Rotation feature does work. If the camera is mounted upside down it will record and play back right side up. If the camera is started at one orientation and then flipped it will keep the original orientation, and will not flip during play back. 


To clarify the camera only auto rotates for right side up and upside down. It will not correct for footage that is shot at an angle. If you are having issues with up and down auto rotation then make sure the feature is on. If it is and you are still having trouble make sure the camera is up to date.


Hope that helps!