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Auto Correct Horizon (Fusion photos) - one year later

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Is there any news regarding this feature? The last post was one year ago


As I am a new Fusion user that only uses the camera for photos and interval photos, I have the same problem.

With 6000 images per location it's a big disappointment that this is not yet supported in this camera.

I use a backpack with a pole and my previous camera did the software trick without any need for a hardware gimbal.

I assumed that Gopro had that function on board as the stablizers are asome and all demos on youtube look like shot with a prized gimbal.


A big help can be that within the photo meta info the gyro data from that moment is saved and displayed within Fusion Studio.

Working within Fusion Studio you then at least know what counter numbers to enter for the exact corrections.

A full auto function would be better, but it wil help me a lot if at least the gyro data is shown within Fusion Studio.

With video files I read that you could extract the gyro data from the file, I did't find that in the Photo file.


Do you have any news or timeline on this matter?


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