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Quelle belle arnaque ... pour utiliser et avoir accee au donnee GPS l'utilisateur et pris pour un con et gentiment inviter a aller se faire foutre ... 


Celui qui desire acceder au donnee gps ne peux pas utiliser QUIK le fameux logiciel natif de la GoPro celui ci ne sachant pas lire ces fameuse donnee depuis la gopro 7, il doit soit debourser de l'argent soit utiliser les fameux service tier qui en soit necessitent une conexion internet et de laborieuse manipulation.


Il me semble que lorsque j'ai acheter la gopro8 que j'ai acquis inclue le fameux logiciel natif QUIK permetant l'accee au donnee GPS et a ce tire je me trouve en droit d'exiger la pleine execution de l'obligation de service en ce sens et donc j'exige de pouvoir acceder et exploiter les donnee gps sans logiciel tier payant ou necessiter de connexion internet.


A defaut je ne peux constater l'absence de donnne GPS et donc estime que le produit et defectueux.



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Re: Arnaque

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Hi @ssussannoo


There is an issue with GPS overlay using Quik for desktop.
You may try using a third-party desktop application. Ex. Dashware or Racerender

GPS stickers are also available via the GoPro App.

Check out How to View Stickers in the GoPro App




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Re: Arnaque

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Hi Aragon1006


With all due respect it look like gopro still going with the same all bull**bleep** excuse ...


1 - Dashware (Gopro company app) doesn t work properly in many way's, it doesn t recognise the gps data on the footage showing up a data error while uploading the video when it come to telemetry in the end you being left with only the video and go gps data that you have to find a way to extrat and add afterward... also the quality rendering is let say a total useless mess. (althought it work with gopro 7)


2 - racerender and some other app gopro proudly point at... just so they can hide incompetence are PAIED ... or ... LIMITED


3- Gopro App ... i spose on mobile phone ... no seriously... hmm stupid statement... not everyone have the last powerfull smartphone ... the lenght of my video s vary from 10 to 15 min for usulay a full day of rideing that last about 4 hours ... shure let s do that on a smartphone if again you own one capable (i personaly own an armored phone and not a smartphone) ... doesn t that solution sound pretty stupid 


4- i paied for already for the gopro that sposed to comme with requiered software that allow access to the gps data ... without any specific announcement that it doesn t work on window's ... and am not sposed to pay extra cash for an other software that accualy work and fix the gopro8 problem for 50$.


Conclusion ... The Gopro 8 & 9 have same issue with the native software that is due to the cutomer to access the feature of the camera announce ... without that possibility it can be called a FRAUD (again especialy when someone already writen a fix for gopro telemetry to be accessible to QUIK and cost extra 50$ when GOPRO is enought incompetent since a year to provide it)


PS: "quik is a customer due software when they buy a gopro to read gps data equiped on camera's" without it product if defect ...