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Applying GoPro FX Reframe to Adjusting Layer (in Premiere)

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Good health to you! 

Win 10, Premiere Pro 15.1 (same for 15.0)

GoPro-FX-Reframe v.

Sequence is set for 1080, Source 5,7k, Tried stiched and unstiched videos

Edit->Preferences->Media->Default Media Scaling = None


Applying FX Reframe to individual clips on timeline works fine. And thank you, i like your plugin a lot!


But when i try to use it with adjustment layer, some weird stuff happens.

I've got  5,7k clip on the timeline of 1080p sequence - so there is small fragment of original video, that fits into 1920x1080

And everything looks like a sphere is made of this fragment and plugin uses that ugly thing to reframe from it... 

Tried Adjustment layers of 5760x2880 and 1920x1080 - two different versions of weirdness... tried to make adj.layer from the source clip - all the same...


Could you please help me?

Am I the only one facing this problem?