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Another Max Exporter frustrated user - keeps crashing on Win10

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Hey GoPro! Another frustrated user here.


I received my Max360 camera a few days ago and I already want to return it.

As a matter of fact, I can only use it as I did with my Hero, only that I'm 500 euros lighter!


As there's no GoPro Viewer for Windows (which is somthing GoPro has been promising for almost 2 years!) I have to compromise and use GoPro Max Exporter to export the 360 file to something manageable by other viewers (like Garmin VIRB etc).


But...GoPro Max Exporter keeps crashing all the time as soon as I load a file!


I have searched high and low and it seems there are thousands ot people withe same issue. 

GoPro, hello, are you here? Are you reading? Are you DOING anything?


Before you ask:

- yes my laptop meets the requirements. I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon with 16GB Ram, 250GB hard disk and Intel UHD 620 graphics card

- yes I have reinstalled Windows as a super-paranoid measure. So nothing can conflict.

- yes I have installed HEVC Codecs (the free ones as you suggest)

- yes I have updated the graphics card drivers

- yes it's the latest and greatest Exporter version. even if I can't find which version this is as there's no "About..." menu item. I downloaded it from the Microsoft Store today June 17th 2020.


So, at the time being, I can't use the 360 features of my MAX, that costed me 500 euros. I should have kept my Hero, really.


I have reached out to support, they could only tell me that they don't know and that Windows is such a diverse system there could be situations not tested. Well. I guess all the others are doing the same things a bit differently then?

Anyway I also sent the DirectX diagnostics and the crash reports over to you, attached to the support case I created. Seems is crashing for a missing DLL. 


If I don't hear from you and find a solution, I'll use the return option, I still have 25 days to try and wait...


Greetings from a super frustrated user.


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RE: Another Max Exporter frustrated user - keeps crashing on Win10

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So - the DLL missing error made me think that there was some runtime dependency not respected.

Hence I installed the MS VC++ redistributable runtime and now the exporter works. 


GoPro - how could you miss this? 


This is really a naive packaging error. Hope you will fix it in the next version. 

Also - please add an "About" menu item so we can tell which version of the app we are running!



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RE: Another Max Exporter frustrated user - keeps crashing on Win10

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What is this and where do I download? Mine doesn't give me any error message, though. It just shuts down. Very frustrating as it makes this camera useless, because I can't even edit the footage. COME ON GOPRO!!!

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RE: Another Max Exporter frustrated user - keeps crashing on Win10

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Yes it crashes without any error message.
I solved the problem installing the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019. Google it, not sure I can add the link here.

As a software developer I am really speechless that this was not spotted by their developers. Well obviously they have the DLLs installed because they develop but normal users don't have those.
Dynamic libraries dependencies must be checked carefully before shipping a product. There are countless ways to do it.