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Alternatives to GoPro player to convert .360 files

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I bought a GoPro Max and wanted to start my first video editing project with footage from my new camera. In order to do that, I need to convert the .360 footage into 5.6k equirectangular videos to get it into Premiere Pro. The GoPro Player seems to be the first choice to do that. Unfortuantely the player was only able to export about half of my files before it crashed. Every attempt to convert the remaining files ends in the app crashing. Contacted GoPro support but after an initial reply with standard suggestions (update driver, reinstall, etc. etc.) there is silence for about a week now. Needless to say I am not happy here to have spend no small money just to find out, that due to a flawed app I cannot enjoy my camera.

Now I am looking for alterniatives to the GoPro Player to convert my footage on my Windows 10 system. So far I found FFMPEG but after looking into it I see just the installation alone seems to go beyond my experiance level.

Does anyone know another alternative to the GoPro Player to do the job or does anyone have suggestions on how to fix the player?

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Re: Alternatives to GoPro player to convert .360 files

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Hello, @thebanzai. We checked on the case and we see that an update has been provided today. The team handling your case will keep you posted as soon as they become available. Please keep the lines open. Thanks!