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Alternative video editing software like GoPro Quik?

GoPro Quik is pretty convenient because it:

- automatically syncs video clips to the music
- has a library of music to choose from
- it's very much just drag and drop

Unfortunately Quik has a maximum video duration of 1 minute.

Is there anything else out there like Quik but without the limitations? GoPro discontinued GoPro Studio.

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Re: Alternative video editing software like GoPro Quik?

Really the best alternative to Quik desktop is Quik mobile app. In fact, the mobile app is much more flexible and powerful. If I want a Quik style video, I always use the mobile app and am much happier with the process and results. Not only do you get longer duration videos, you can also add your own songs. I use both the Android version on my phone and iOS version on an iPad. Both are good but I prefer the iPad. If you use a Quick Key, transferring the videos is fast.