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4K Video and windows issues

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After many months and digging, I think i have got an answer to the inability of windows to play the 4K GoPro videos. I have and I7 Chip Radeon 4k graphics card and a Samsung 4K monitor. I can't play the 4K video from my camera.

Been down the HEVC route all teh setting you can think of. No joy.


The answer is 4K doesn't mean 4K.


4K from a Samsung Moitor point of view means a resolution of 3840 X 2160 screen size. Not necessarily HDR...different monitor apparenely.

Windows for 4K means HDR. Colour depth. This is what the monitor needs to enable HEVC and therefore play the video.

AMD Radeon doesn't seem to recognise HEVC as all 4K processing is done by the graphics card (GPU) and not the processor (CPU).


I hope this helps somebody avoid the frustration I have faced over the last few months.