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First i already did a search on google and gopro support, but no luck. I have a Hero 7, and i did couple recordings yesterday.
Today i connected the camera to the pc, and imported the files to a folder, the pc connects well to hero 7 but when i scan the folder where the videos are located, gopro can't find any video.

I keep getting the massege 0 files added. I triend different folder, re-installing etc. nothing worked. Also i found some topic with the same questions but also no luck.

Can some1 tell me what I do wrong?

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Hello @mmy06802. This is odd. Are you able to view those files on the camera itself? If so, which SD card are you using? Is it one of the recommended cards on this list


If you are using Quik for desktop, you can trace the storage location following the file path below: 

  • /Users/<YourUserName>/Pictures/GoPro - Mac
  • C:\Users\<YourUserName>\Pictures\GoPro - Windows


Other things to try:

  • Pair your camera with a compatible mobile phone and see if you will be able to access your media through the GoPro App. 
  • Remove SD card from the camera and insert it directly to a computer using an SD card adapter and see if the files are detected. 
  • Use a different computer if available. 
  • If already using a recommended card, save files (if accessible through other device) then format SD card before using it again. Do a FULL format instead of Quick. 
  • See if the files maybe using HEVC. Such files require certain system to be accessible. Learn more about HEVC here

Let us know what you find out. Thanks!