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Re: Логин

Hello @sunnytree83373


Have you been able to change the language settings? A community member shared having been able to resolve the issue by changing language settings. 


Below is an excerpt from this thread:


Необходимо изменить настройки языка системы.

1. удаляем Гопро Квик.

2. меняем язык системы на английский - в параметры -> время и язык -> русский удаляем

3. меняем систему на английский - пуск ->служебные-> крупные значки->язык->удаляем русский

4. в доп параметрах везде выбираем английский


Перезагружаемся, обновления языков у меня происходило около часа

Устанавливаем квик. Работает!

Откатываем языки обратно, программа станет на русском и работать.


За программирование разработчикам ГоПро Квик -2 балла!'



Let us know how it goes. 



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Re: Логин



I wont do this, this is a perversion. Other software works fine.


when I bought a camera I wanted to use the software infrastructure that you have.

I'll wait for the next release.


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Re: Логин

Same problem

also at windows 10 I can't change the language as it is 1 language package windows

so it is really ridiculous

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Re: Логин

I have the same problmen. Permanent relogin. As a result - not working app. Pls fix this problem.


Win10, only russian lang...

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Re: Логин



Do you have any solution available? My Windows won't allow me to change system language.

I would expect GoPro to be able to connect to my PC somehow, for the price I have paid

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Re: Логин

Hi @werew01f @philippm374


Please go over these steps.


If using a Mac:

Click GO in finder and GO TO FOLDER
Then please type  /private/etc/hosts then press Go
Copy the host file on your Desktop. 
Click open the "host" file and put in localhost at the location. Save the File, then put it BACK the same folder it will ask you to replace it, this should work.

If using a Windows computer:

Open Quik for desktop
While on the login screen, select the “Help” tab above the Quik for desktop window
Select “Restart with default settings”
A modal will appear saying “Are you sure?“. Click “Restart” once more.
Quik for desktop will close and reopen. Quik for desktop will appear as if you installed it for the first time.
Go to the login screen and input your credentials. You should then be able to login successfully.

Let us know how it goes.



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Re: Логин

Добрый вечер. У меня такая же проблема с авторизацией постоянно просит войти.Удалил учетную запись,Изменил на английский. Что делать?


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Re: Логин

Hello Ej,


Unfortunately this does not help: once I restart Quik, it promts me to register. I click "I already have an account", input login and password. After about 10 seconds, Quik lets me in: I can see the main dashboard.


However, any click inside quick (e.g. "Edit -> Parameters" - not sure if the spelling is right since I'm using Russian language pack) throws me back to login. The same happens when I try to switch to my GoPro.


From what I have seen so far, the reason might be in Russian language pack (there are some advices over Internet to change my Windows language pack to English, then reinstall application, and change it back to Russia after that). However, this is not a solution: cheaper Windows licenses do not allow user (i.e. me) to change their locale settings. 


I believe GoPro should investigate this and release a patch as long as users from Russia are suffering from this issue for quite a long time already.