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Chroma Key for static frame talking head vlog

Anyone here do any chroma keying with GoPro footage? I am contemplating using a GoPro hero 5 as a DSLR replacement. In theory it should work because I don't need a shallow depth of field or anything like that. Just want to shoot talking head footage on a tripod. Even recording audio seperately so not worried about mic inputs, etc. Have proper lights set up and everything.


I'm curious to know what sort settings would work best for this kind of footage - which is actually totally opposite of what the GoPro was designed for. But hey, its a camera isn't it?


I'm currently using an old Canon T2i (550D) with a 50mm prime lens. 

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Re: Chroma Key for static frame talking head vlog
I've done some and it works fine. Best to use a flat color profile and drop the ev to -1 and use a medium or low sharpness. The flat color profile will give a more uniform background, the reduced ev prevents any highlights from creating variations on the backdrop, and the low/medium sharpness keeps the outline of your subjects look natural.