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The Code

From the surf to the slopes, different codes of conduct are established to make sure everyone has a good time. This Community is no different. Our code helps us maintain an inspiring and reliable environment for all GoPro users. All we ask is that you do your part to know the code, respect the code, and promote the code.

Give Respect to Get Respect

There it is, plain and simple. Keep the vibe positive, stay helpful and be as clear as possible. Spell-check and proof your post for clarity before sharing with the community. Use normal punctuation and capitalization and only bold single words for emphasis.

Don't Vanish

Don't just drop in, ask for help, and then disappear. Not cool! If you post a question, be available for follow-up questions, and let people know if a particular suggestion or solution solved the problem.

Share the Success

Hi-5s are always appreciated so take the time to celebrate everyone's successes, achievements and attempts.

Be Patient

Moderators are always checking in to ensure questions are answered, but sometimes they get stumped too. If that's the case, sit tight. They'll reach out to a GoPro Subject Matter Expert for assistance - just know it may take a little longer.

Put In What You Get Out

Community members expect everyone, including the Community Manager, to pull their own weight. So give as much as you take. For every question you ask of the community, take the time to give a little back. Hi-5 a post, make a comment, add tags, or invite an enthusiast to become a member. These are key components to growing a dynamic and productive community.

Many Stokes!

The GoPro Community Team