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wrong sd card ? multiple problems

I have just got the Go pro 6 and installed the Lexar 1000x U3 UHS-II 128 GB as recommended by one of the websites

however when I've checked the go pro website the only sd card it recommennds is the SanDisk Extreme/Extreme Plus/Extreme Pro UHS Video Speed Class 30 (V30) - ≥32GB. This is not really surprising and not really big enough for such a hi tech camera.

I have downloaded the latest update version 01.60.

These are the following problems so far within the first 3 days of trying to get it to work

1. Camera wont connect to app.

2. Camera won't play playback

3. Camera freezes within several seconds of playback on camera.

4. Camera screen freezes

5. Camera won't turn off (have to remove battery)

6. Camera won't turn on despite being a fully charged battery(change batteryfor another fully charged battery then turns itself on after about 5 minutes)

7. Caption saying not enough space on sd card despite there being 3hr11m on it.

8. Caption saying sd card error

9. Once downloaded video onto ipad but freezes 

10. App cant locate camera despite being sat next to one another.

It goes on and on and on,I have spent days trawling through forums trying to find answers for a £500 piece of kit.

Giving up the will to live !!!!!!!

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Re: wrong sd card ? multiple problems

GoPro recommends a 32GB or larger San Disk card. I have 64’s and 128’s that work fine. Did you format your card?

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Re: wrong sd card ? multiple problems

Hi, Thanks for your response.

Yes the first thing I did was to format the sd card, tried transferring some more video onto the ipad last night,but only managed 2 out of 8 videos the rest failed although the settings when recorded where identical and of similar length.