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will the hero 7 Black work with 3d

Can 2  Hero 7 black cameras be set up in a 3d stereo system for underwater use?


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Re: will the hero 7 Black work with 3d

You would need to have some sort of software capable of combining the footage from two Hero 7 blacks, it would also have to be able to calculate and adjust the overlap angle to give a 3d view.  You would then also have to make a sturdy undwater rig to hold the camera's in place that doesn't allow for any flex of adjustment between the two angles.  I think this could work out to be very expensive.  It's certainly not something that GoPro currently supports.  You may be better off just trying to find a stereoscopic camera system that has all of this worked out already.

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Re: will the hero 7 Black work with 3d

GoPro only made the Dual Housing for Hero Black3 plus...and have not thought it worth it to make one again...I am at least looking for a 3rd Party to have made one for the Black 7.

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Re: will the hero 7 Black work with 3d

OK, let me try a simpler question to GoPro.

Can the 2 or more Hero 7 cameras be Gen-Locked or Synced together?

With a cable like the Hero 3?


WiFi or Bluetooth?

At one time several H3 were Gen Locked with cables for a surfing comercial.


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Re: will the hero 7 Black work with 3d

@snowybluff1421, you can sync/control multiple GoPro cameras using Smart Remote (connected through the camera's Wi-Fi). Note that Wi-Fi doesn't work underwater though. There might also be some third party systems that can sync GoPro cameras for multi-camera shoots, however, we do not have any further information about these devices.