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why am i here?

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I've had a couple of people recently seem to think i'm being paid/employeed by GoPro, yes these are people who i've had a "disagreement" with but never the less thought i'd post this to explain


yes i'll openly admit i'm a GoPro addict & got quite a few GoPro's. However all has been funded out of my own wallet, & apart from Fusion don't even get them from GoPro. The only form of payment i've ever received is the free stickers which you used to get from the website


so why am I here, i count myself  lucky to of been able to get hold of the whole GoPro range. So if anyone needs help in comparing, or information on anything from any of them then i'll gladly help (except questions like is the Hero 4 bulletproof, actually i can confirm its not lol). I had a good few years using GoPro's, so hope i know quite a bit about them, however even I have to ask sometimes so like to share what knowledge i have got


my attitude, i'm afraid i can sometimes be a bit blunt. If i think your wrong i'll tell you, if i think your an idiot i'll (politely) say. If i'm wrong then i'll hold my hand up & admit it, however if i'm not i will stick to my guns & prove why. I also don't like things being repeated, so after the 100th time the person who askes "my pictures are rubbish, i've got protune on but don't know what i'm doing" will get a short sharp answer


so that's me. I am sorry if i do offend anyone, its not intentional but their probably is a reason behind it (ie you asked a very stupid question or you wouldn't admit you were wrong)