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upgrade lens for gopro 3 white can you fit

I wish to have an UPGRADE lens for my old Hero 3 white gopro. Can you assist.??

                                          Regards.....Barrie Griffiths

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Re: upgrade lens for gopro 3 white can you fit

What do you mean by "upgrade"?
Is your lens broken, or do you just want a different one?
There are companies that sell different lens for that camera, but considering the cost and current value of your camera, it doesn't make much sense to spend the money on one
GoPro doesn't sell different lens and doesn't do repairs. Your better off just getting a new GoPro. The HERO7 Black is worlds better than the HERO3 White, but you can also Upgrade to HERO7 Silver and will get a much better camera. If it's available in your country, you can Trade Up for the HERO7 Silver and get $100 off of you turn in your HERO3 White
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Re: upgrade lens for gopro 3 white can you fit

 Check ragecamera that will be hte answer you are questioning.  If you want to repair the nyou'll need to find a  Online store as well .