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timelapse to regular motion.

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i accidentally recorded in timelapse, was wondering if its possible to convert to normal speed+ get audio back. using adobe premiere pro 20. what speed do i have to set it to, and what do i have to do to get audio back? or is audio gone? thank you

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Re: timelapse to regular motion.

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Audio is not recorded during timelapse.

Please also realise how timelapse works.  When you record a "normal" motion video, you're doing so at 30FPS (usually).  So a 10 second video would = 300 frames.

When you record a timelapse, you could be recording as little as 15FPS.  So a 10 video would = 150 frames.  Thats assuming you wanted a 2X timelapse.  For a 5X timelapse you would only be recording 60 frames.  So it's not a case of converting to "normal speed".  You're missing frames, they simply were not recorded.


So if you were to convert your timelapse (by slowing it down by 50% or 150%) all you would end up with is a video that plays at 15 frames a second or 6 frames a second and it would look like a collection of still images.