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this will be my last gopro

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Here is my experience with the gopro company:


1) bought in 2012 or something a gopro 3silver+. Never had any problem

2) bought in 2017 gopro hero 5 black. Never had any problem except sometimes it freezes

3)bought in 2018 gopro hero 7 black.


First problem: payment glitch.

Basically I sent money to them but there was a technical problem on their website. This means I had to pay again and wait 2 weeks for get a refund.


Second problem: camera freeze, battery flat when gopro is off ( already did update) even if wifi,voice,gps are turned off.

I have to return it and wait for another gopro, which won't be new but regenerate.


This is enough for me for thinking not to buy anymore from this company and, sadly, I am not the only one who had such big problems..

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Re: this will be my last gopro

With the excellent performance of the HERO7 Black, including amazing hypersmooth stabilization (even at 4K/60fps!), virtually non-existent rolling shutter. beautiful dynamic range, zoom, live streaming, smart photo, HDR photo, countdown photo, RAW photo, RAW Protune Audio, Selective light metering, waterproof to 10m (30ft) without a case, rugged durability, voice activation, Protune settings accessible through the touch LCD, fast Wi-Fi transfer, Quik Story Auto creation of videos, Time Warp, Night photo, Night Lapse, Time Lapse Video, Burst photo, 1080p/240fps, 2.7K/120fps, 4:3 and 16:9 video, horizontal shooting, Linear FOV, Wide FOV, SuperWide FOV, and very good audio with wind reduction, stereo, and Auto.... I can totally understand why you might not need another camera for a very long time.

Totally get why PayPal screwing up your order started you off on the wrong foot. Sorry to hear that your having some issues with the camera you received. I have three of the HERO7 Black and none have these issues, so hopefully the exchange camera wont give you issues. Luckily, there are actually very few complaints or issues with the HERO7 Black, so odds are you'll get a good one.

Best of luck.
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Re: this will be my last gopro

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So pessimistic about GoPros future you have gotten!


No Hero8 with GP2 chip in the autumn?


Hypersmooth - which is 50 per cent hype and 50 per cent smooth - can not be improved upon?


Give me a break.


And give me LINEAR in 4K. And a wireless mic option.


And PHOTO + VIDEO mode like on my Hero 3 and 4.


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Re: this will be my last gopro

Not pessimistic, just very satisfied.
Hypersmooth is amazing, videos are incredible as well as Smart Photos.
Personally, I don't use linear very often, so I don't need it at 4K/60fps, but I can understand why some night want it. Never liked photo+video and since only a very small minority used it, I seriously doubt GoPro will pay for the licence, but who knows. Remember the time when GoPro was requiring login on the app. A lot of good info was gathered from users world wide to see what features were and were not used.

HERO8 might be the first model I skip. However, if they do as I hope and change the format from Good, Better, Best and instead go with Action, Active, Everything... Then I might be inclined for the Active (with active being more in line with Bluetooth audio adapter, flip screen, perhaps front and rear camera, and a slightly larger sensor for low light). Fusion is a great 360 camera, but it needs it's own dedicated mobile app with more features and ease of use. But otherwise, it's a great "Everything" camera. For the "Action" segment, I'm very happy with the HERO7 Black and still get great use from the HERO6 Black as well. My HERO5 Black is pretty much just for my Karma drone (which I just got back from flying and has been great the past couple years), so I'm personally very content.