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terrible audio

OK, I have asked this before and not one reply.  I use the Hero 7 Black and have it mounted to my chin on the helmet.  I use the GoPro mic adapter and a good mic in the helmet in front of my mount.  Audio is fine when I am not moving or moving slow.  As soon as I get going, sound is and out and really garbled.  I have tried everyting, all differnt settings, fuzzy mic etc.  I even tried taping up all the mic holes on the GoPro.  Noting works.  How do we fix this garbled audio?  Love the camera and image stabilation.  But Audio is just terrible.  Here is an attemt to correct it.  When I get up to speed you can hear how bad the audio is.

Love how good the video is, I don't even have to add saturation anymore or use filters with this GoPro. Image stabilization is great. Audio still sucks.