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start recording on external power up

I know on my previous GoPro Heros (the original HD and the 3) I could set up to start recording in the predefined startup mode as soon as external power is applied. This is really useful when auto racing so I don't have to run around and turn on all the cameras. How do I get this to work on the GoPro Hero 5. I need to be able to set it at times to video and other times to time laps (I can change the defaults ahead of time) and when I supply power I need it to start the camera and start recording in the preset default mode. Yes I know I could get the wireless remote but I found that doesn't allways turn on and start all the cameras (seemed have always had that random one not paying attention or starts up a bit late). It's just nice to know when it gets power it starts up and starts recording in the default I set so I can enjoy.

Thanks for any help