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set predetermined recording time

I have a HERO Black 7. I want to set the recording time to a predetermined time. For example, I want to record at 960p, 120 fps for exactly 10 minutes.  I want to use either press start through the app on an iOS or Android device or use the voice command "GOPRO Start Recording." Then after  exactly 10 minutes, the recording will automatically stop. How do I do this?

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Re: set predetermined recording time

This is not a feature supported by the GoPro app.  So the best way to achieve this would be to start your recording via your android app, then start a countdown timer for 10 minutes to remind you to stop the recording.


You can also leave feedback for GoPro directly and see if a timed recording would be a feature they would think is valuable to impliment in future app or camera developement.  For this shooting timelapse video's, I think this would be of great benefit.

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Re: set predetermined recording time

@javierf01552, this is currently not an available feature in a GoPro camera. Anyhow, we appreciate the insight as it can help us build a better experience with our products. We'll definitely relay this information to the team in charge.

Let us know if anything else comes up. Stay stoked & have fun capturing moments using your GoPro!