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reset hero3+

My goprohero 3+ freezes after a few seconds. Tried everything and is starting to be pissed. Life is too short for this **bleep**.

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Re: reset hero3+

What SD card ae you using?  For best performance GoPro recommends these cards microSD-Card-Considerations

To reset the camera, take the battery and SD card out.  Hold the top shutter button down for 30 seconds

Keep holding the shutter button down and replace ONLY the battery and press the mode button to power on the camera

After the camera completes powering on, release the top shutter button

Turn off the camera

Format you SD card (Full not Quick) in your computer (FAT for 32GB or less exFAT for >32GB)

Even if you have updated the firmware previously, download the manual update and place the unzipped UPDATE folder on your SD card

Put the Sd card in the camera and power on.  The update should run and once complete your camera should work.  If not, contact GoPro Customer Service