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repairing file over and over again

I have this one issue with my gopro were it keeps showing the repairing file icon over and over again. I looked for a solution for this online and people were saying to format my camera. I formatted my camera and it worked for a week then it started happening again. When I first got my Gopro, it never had this issue, it could record for 1 hour with no probloms, but now it can barley record for 30 secs. I Also am using the same SD card from when I got the camera.
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Re: repairing file over and over again

Hi @ereng7135,


I am sorry to hear about the issue you are running into with that camera. What SD Card are you using?




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Re: repairing file over and over again

I am using a, (Samsung 64GB PLUS Micro SDXC - up to 48MB/s - UHS-1 Class 10 Memory Card)