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recover deleted photos

I inadvertently deleted photos taken today on my GoPro Hero4 Silver.  I'm on a Mac and need info on how to recover these deleted photos.  I don't have an SD card reader... only the USB card that connects the camera to my MacBook Pro.  Thanks for any advice you might have to share.

Lawrence Beck

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Re: recover deleted photos


Hi @lawrenceb41006


You may try to search if there is an available data recovery tool for mac.

I know on Windows there is a free data recovery tool - (Recuva)


Feel free to check or do your own research if there is an available for Mac. 





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Re: recover deleted photos

Rather pathetic advice, Jay!  Is that how you manage to get 1956 posts on this forum?  By advising "Feel free to check or do your own research if there is an available for Mac?"

I researched this topic on every forum possible and only found that it's not possible to recover lost images on a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.  That's why I asked here.  I thought someone would have better advice than "Feel free to do your own research!"  Great advice!  You're a star!

If everyone responded as you did there would be no point in coming to this forum to ask questions.  But that increases your number of posts and makes you look like an "authority" who has advice to give, and that was obviously your goal.  

The only way to recover images is with a micro SD card reader and software like DataRescue 4, which I had and used.  Images were recovered... but only by using a card reader as the camera icon never appears on the desktop and no recovery softare can recover images from a camera if it can't see it.