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"glitched" frames on a time lapse in cold temps.

we are going to be doing some multi-day time lapses in sub-freezing temperatures soon. so i did some tests last night in my freezer.

not much to see other than the blinking red light. but i am getting occasional (one every 8-10 seconds or so) glitches that look like a spray of pixels. 

do we think that is due to the cold? or is something wrong with my hero4black?
image attached

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 10.54.06 AM.png
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Re: "glitched" frames on a time lapse in cold temps.

Hey @wgzn


I've never seen the image change to be red and black like that, so I'm guessing it's cold, but the best way to check will be with the camera out of the freezer. I'm hoping none of the components have been damaged by the cold. Clearly the cameras are usable in snow and cold temperatures, but sitting still in a dark freezer, especially if they happen to be out of their housings, won't be good for the cameras. A lot of times the air temperature might not be as cold when you're out in the open and for the times that it is we normally recommend keeping the camera in a pocket until ready to film. Over time just sitting in the cold they could get damaged.