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"File cannot be repaired"


I bought a GoPro Hero5 Black yesterday, and it recorded perfectly fine. However, just now I kept getting a "file cannot be repaired" message every time I turn the camera on. I also cannot view any videos/photos taken on the device (Thumbnail just says "Unable to view"). I tried factory resetting and reformatting the SD card to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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Re: "File cannot be repaired"

@Λrmvgeddon - This could be related to an issue with the SD card. Be sure to use a card that is compatible with your camera. A list of compatible cards can be found at



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Re: "File cannot be repaired"

If you use a microSD adapter you might be able to transfer your files to a computer and save the majority of them. If your card is on the recommended list, it might have an error on it. If you run a full (not quick) format, it should repair the card. Transfer the files first if you can as formatting will erase all of your files.
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Re: "File cannot be repaired"

After doing a full format on the computer, I woud do an in camera format by Delete All option. 

Then do a test video. 

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Re: "File cannot be repaired"

If it is not the problem of SD card then, try to repair your corrupt Videos with the help of VLC Media Player. Read more

Also second thing is, install or update necessary codecs to make your videos work. Last or not the least, leverage a Video Repair Software.

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Re: "File cannot be repaired"

☝️ Very good advice from both post above ☝️☺️