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quick app won't save edits

Hi all, new here, just bought my 1st GoPro, the Hero 6. Yesterday I took some videos at a 21st party, with some time lapse videos included. I am keen to produce videos to share, and also to slow down some scenes as I recorded it in 1080p & 240fps. 

I have Quick installed but have had endless problems. Firstly, my media import failed numerous times resulting in me unplugging my camera and closing the app several times. Eventually it got stuck in a loop when trying to import the last video, kept saying 1/1 media importing, then fails indicating it can't import. 

I eventually tried creating my first video so I used the editing feature, but it is stuck on 'saving to edits' for more than an hour already. I read on this forum that there shouldn't be any spaces in the filename, so I made sure I didn't have any, but no luck.

This is so frustrating as I was looking forward to creating and sharing great videos, and haven't even explored the timelapse and slow-down videos. 

Lastly, some tutorials and posts all refer to GoPro Studio software, but I can't seem to find it on the GoPro site. 

I am desperate and don't want to start looking for alternatives as I have just started using the Quick software, but what a let down it is.

Btw, my system information is: Win 10, AMD Ryzen 1700 eight core processor, 16GB RAM and NVidea GTX 1050 card.

Thanks in advance :)

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Re: quick app won't save edits

An update, about 16 hours after my initial post. The edit still won't save, restarted my PC, re-created the edit from scratch, left it to run overnight and still stuck Smiley Sad

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Re: quick app won't save edits

this version works for me




i had found out in my download folder way back september... just dig to there pool of versions maybe its availalble