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overheating and freezing

My session 5 has severely overheated twice now while charging.  Once it was plugged into a wall charger, the other time plugged into a little usb external battery.  Each time it happened, the functions froze so I couldn't turn the camera off until it just ran our of battery.  Not awesome when I missed some shots while traveling that I had my heart set on.

Any suggestions?  Especially when I don't travel with a laptop to use to charge my gopro?  This sounds like more of a defect than user error.

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Re: overheating and freezing

First, your charger needs to meet these requirements 

"USB chargers that output 5V and 1A.  Using chargers that do not meet this requirement can potentially break your camera"


What SD card are you using and have you run the manual update?


Your SD card needs to be from this list if you want to ensure that the camera functions properly.


The manual (bottom of the page) update can be found here

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Re: overheating and freezing



As @danielr15 said, your charger needs to be able to output 5V at 1A. If it cannot do that, the camera does not charge correctly, which is extremely detrimental to the internal battery. You do not want to cook that battery, as you will have to buy a new camera.