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order info

I just ordered the gopro hero 8 with the trade up and sent out the old camera today. As i was reading one of the emails it said that it wouldnt ship for 14 days, but i need it within 7 days. does it ship once the camera is sent or once the camera is recived?

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Re: order info

They will only start to process your order once the trade up camera is received into their system.  It can take up to 14 (working) days to process the order, however it also depends on available stock etc. before it ships.  If your order is sucessfully processed on a Friday it may not be until Monday before UPS picks up your camera from the warehouse, and then it's two day shipping.


I also did a trade up order and it only took them 5 days to process the order and I received my camera only 12 days later.  So that was actually a lot faster than I thought it would be.