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not working as expected and battery door not sitting flush



Just bought a GP7 Black, was loving it, not loving it and feeling kind of stressed as I bought it to take on a holiday.


So, 1 the LCD display has stopped displaying, the swipe seems to work but without visuals, I cant quite say, and nothing I have tried reinstates it, I have formated and reinstalled the sim, the front display seems to indicate that it has updated, but there is no back display.


The other thing I note is that the battery door is not sitting flush, and I have every intention of snorkelling with this device.


HELP, I only bought it 2 days ago....



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Re: not working as expected and battery door not sitting flush

@daf1961, sorry to hear about the trouble. Ensure that the SD card isn't inserted between the SD card slot and the battery. Doing so can put pressure on the back of the touch display. 

If this isn't the case and the rear LCD touch screen display on your GoPro camera appears blank/black, you can try to perform a manual update. Follow the manual update instructions specified in this article:

As for the battery door, please try pulling the battery out. Once the camera cools down (if currently warm), re-insert the battery applying a firm pressure. Make sure that the door is fully extended and then release tab has it pop back up (if not, you can press it from the underside to pop it back up). With the battery door fully extended, close the door and then slide it shut (all while applying firm downward pressure). 

If in case the problem persists after reinstalling the firmware of your camera, given that this is a recent purchase and out-of-the-box issue, kindly reach out to the retailer so they can help you with the next steps.