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not stabilized front and/or back camera

after a few month now working with the fusion, I can clearly indicate the problem of...

...sometimes not stabilized front / or back camera.


It always happens if you are moving the camera right after pushing the recordbutton.


You always have to wait and leave the fusion in a stable position (in your hand) until the display stops flashing .

It looks like, the gyroskopes are initializing themselfes while the display is flashing, finding their point of origin.

When the display (timecode) starts running everything is fine .


In case the camera was moved meanwhile that intial period, then the gyro has no starting point and therefor no data will be written into the metadata of that particular camfile / front and/or back.


Is there a way to add the metadata from the other respective camera into the empty one? /the movement must be the same --it is one case

Is there anymore devolpment from gopro for this camera ?

..or have we to wait for the next , improved model ?

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Re: not stabilized front and/or back camera

You can always try reloading the firmware to see if that helps with the issue, or upgrade to the beta firmware that's mentioned in the GoPro Fusion support section.