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no sound with external mic

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I shot several videos with an external mic using the GoPro adapter with my new Hero 9 Black with no troubles.  But now the trouble has started.  Just shot a long video and NO sound.  Tried some different arrangements and sound sometimes and others not.  One way may produce sound but then again, it may not.  There's of course, no way to tell if you are recording sound on a GoPro while filming.  This is frustrating to say the least.  


Has this been an issue with others?  I've searched the web and YouTube and it seems that it has been.  Could you let me know what to do?  It's hard to trust the camera for recording.



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Re: no sound with external mic

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Just wanted to address just your one comment about there being no way to tell if you are recording audio...there is actually one way.  Use a voice command to start recording instead of the quik capture button.  And, if your GoPro is mounted somewhere where you can't see the record light like on a helmet, make sure you have your feedback beeps turned on.


So, after giving the record voice command (GoPro start recording,) you will see the record light and/or hear the feedback beep if the audio recording is working.  If it does not start recording, you know the audio is not working.  In other words, had you pressed the quik capture button in this scenario, it would have started recording video with no audio.