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no "import file" prompting

I connected my Hero5 black to my PC, but no prompt is showing. How can I solve this issue?



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Re: no "import file" prompting

After connecting the camera, the red light should turn on to show the camera is charging. It can take a few seconds so you want to wait for this. After seeing the red charging indicator, press the side Mode/Power button. The camera should turn on and then go into USB connect mode. If the Quik desktop app doesn't automatically load, you should open it (make sure you are on the latest software release).

The camera connects to computers using the MTP protocol. If you open Windows Explorer, or Finder on MAC, you should see the camera listed as a MTP connected device.

Some systems seem to have issues with MTP connections. You can research MTP trouble shooting for your computer system if you continue to have issues.

For the fastest and most reliable data transfer, using a USB/SD card reader works best.

Finally, make sure your computer meets the system requirements for using GoPro Quik for Desktop.