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no captcha

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I tried to contact the helpdesk via the website.

When I tried the call back function it said "invalid captcha" but no captcha is visible.

When I tried the live chat function it said that the waiting time was appr. 7 min but after almost 1 hour still no connecting with an agent.

I also tried changing the language / country to US (as was mentioned in an earlier post) but it did not help.

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Re: no captcha

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Hello, @leonb427. If you continue to get the Captcha error, try using a different device (computer or mobile phone). Clear cache on your browser, use a different browser or an incognito browser. Ensure as well that you are not blocking cookies and have your pop-up blocker disabled. 

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Re: no captcha

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I'm having the same problem. I've used two different Windows computers, three different browsers, cleared cache, incognito mode, etc. Sometimes the Captcha actually comes up, and sometimes I answer it correctly.  I can tell only because it gives a different response than when I answer incorrectly.  But it still doesn't respond when I want to go to the Next Step.


I'm not sure what GoPro purpose is served with that Captcha, but it is definitely a hindrance.

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Re: no captcha

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Hello @spokesrider


Please try logging a call back request.

Make sure to enter the details manually to avoid captcha errors.

Should you encounter any issue scheduling a callback or a live chat, please ensure that you are not blocking cookies and have your pop-up blocker disabled.