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new gopro hero 6 poor quality shots


2 days ago i bought my new gopro hero 6 black. since i bought it all my shots look just awful. i did try a lot of settings, i saw tutorials, i used protune on and off, hdr on and off, auto low light low light on and off, and yet all my shots is grainy. when i take a photo with hdr, i have a lot of colored dots, its just unuseable. here are a few exmples. 

i shot videos with 2.7k60fps wide and 30fps wide, and photos with 12MP. some of the pictures, as i told, is with and without protune.

for comperison, i uploaded a picture my girlfriend took in the same place as one of the pictures with her samsung s8. it looks much better, and its from whatsapp, so the original picture is even better.

here are all the pictures, settings in description of each picture.


ill soon add samples from videos, all of these, as for now, are photos took with my new gopro. i do want to mention that the qulity of the video is not better.


ofcurse im with firmware version 1.60.


am i doing something wrong? why shots with hdr looks so bad? why do i get all those color dots? i cant get it. i see videos on youtube and they have so much better quality and much less grain. it shouldnt be like that!

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Re: new gopro hero 6 poor quality shots

here are the shots from the videos. all took with 2.7k60fps wide (except the one that mentioned 30fps), protune off (except the one in the beach)
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Re: new gopro hero 6 poor quality shots

Someone? Please?
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Re: new gopro hero 6 poor quality shots

it's easy


s8 is better .. low noise in lowlight, optical stabilization that allow low iso setting when shotting ..better detail...


gopro cant compete with any recent smartphone


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Re: new gopro hero 6 poor quality shots

Its primaraly a outdoor action cam. indoor / lowlight photos will never be great.

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Re: new gopro hero 6 poor quality shots



S8+ I have yes, it is good in low light also, but the optical stabilization gives that jelly effect.

S8 has f/1.7 lens compared with GoPro that has f/2.8

S8 is almost twice as luminous as GP.


GP Hero6 indoor and low light settings that could help both pictures and filming


test everything before !!!!!!!! 


PT on

ISO min 100

ISO max 800  - when filming I might use 1600 - the noise will increase in darker areas with ISO...

WB Native or choose a warm temperature

Shutter 1/fps - or Auto


use lower fps (24.25.30...depending on video mode), in order to compensate the low light.

do not use stabilization in low light.

or use stabilization, but it with a shutter speed twice - four time the fps  (1/60 1/120) for 30fps....but this will darken your footage


when pictures, take into acount that exposure will be longer (because ISO is limited to 800), so pictures will be prone to blur determined by the movement of camera duiring recoirding....

hold still, use fixed mounts.


here is an example of night lapse photos mounted in a video:


and a by night Christmas market - mounted on karma grip


just to have an idea....


















gopro hero6 karma grip mounted on el grande 2.7K 25fps PT on ISO 100-800 colour GoPro sharp high WB native shutter 1/25 enjoy!
gopro hero6 night lapse shutter auto interval auto iso100