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my hero 8 more waterproof then ever

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As gopro went under a redesign, those who had been drowned, their cameras of the THREE OPENINGS, no longer, a excellent reason why Go-Pro changed ;


  • Lens Protector
  • USB port door
  • Battery door

Well can not get rid of the bat door right.  So how much waterproof will this be some Youtube slipped and said 5meters  when the latter was 10 meters, and still is.    I hope all who get the camera    will make sure that the Door is properly closed and no more back lcd   ribbon cable breaks


good luck  in drowning this Badboy

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Re: my hero 8 more waterproof then ever

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Three openings? The lens protector isn't an opening. The HERO5/6/7 Black are waterproof without it. Very few people had problems with these camera's waterproofing. The HERO8 Black door does seem more secure with the way it locks into place. Hopefully people will take care to clean their camera properly and insure that the door is fully shut before using in water. I've been using my GoPro cameras in ocean water for years now (as have many of the people I surf with) and no issues. I'm convinced that the majority of reported water damage cases are user error.