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my gopro serial number is not recognised

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I bought a GoPro Hero 7 Black from and tried to register on line but it appears the S/N does not register?

Also, my GoPro only shoots in 4K 50FMS instead of 60?

many thanks for your reply

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Re: my gopro serial number is not recognised

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4K/50fps is for PAL regions. You can go into settings and change it to NTSC and get 60fps if you want, however you will get strobbing and flickering effects when recording around artificial lights/lamps.

The serial number can be found in the camera's preferences menu. Does you camera have a number 7 on the side? I ask because some people have accidentally been sent the HERO6 from outside vendors and it creates a lot of confusion since they both have the same resolutions/frame rates.

You will want to check the number by entering it on this form

If you still have issues, contact the GoPro Support Team