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microphone extension

I use my Hero 5 on motorbikes and would like to be able to record the sound from further back to capture the exhaust note. It seems the adaptor is available but is not waterproof and is on short leads so has to be mounted very close to the camera. Any suggestions on the best way around it please?

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Re: microphone extension

You have to use a really long extension 3.5mm cable for your microphone at this time.

I have a cable that runs the length of my bike, from my saddlebags to the handlebar.
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Re: microphone extension

Sorry for the angle: 


I show an old product, they are available if you  look for 3.5mm microphone gain  cable?    you can be  creative and  split singals up with  either found or home made cables made. so if you wanted to adjust volume in yo    get a Y- adapter and so on.    Remember the Promic type C cable extensions  are not going to work its what  Ishown will work.


Also take a small ziplock bag  and modify it with   tape to seal up for extra protection.   Just my thoughts out loud.