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karma says 'no camera found' but camera is installed

I bought a karma/GoPro hero6 package. I'm having a hard time keeping the karma paired even though it was initially working fine. When I power up, the karma first displays an error message saying the stabilizer isn't installed although it is. If I tap 'OK', then it says 'no camera found,' but the camera is loaded in the harness. The camera is fully charged and has an accepted SD card installed. I've tried unpairing my karma and re-pairing, but no luck. Once the karma is re-paired, the light on the karma slowly flashes red. Shouldn't it be green or blue instead? Any idea why it won't stay paired or acknowledge my camera?

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Re: karma says 'no camera found' but camera is installed

Hello @elizabethb40707..If you have already updated the Karam system, and the issue is still the same, the stabilizer-harness set could be faulty causing the interrupted connection. To be certain, it would be best to get in touch with our Support team. This way, they will be able to walk you through the next steps to isolate the source of the trouble. The team may be reached by phone or chat through . Make sure you have access to your Karma setup when you contact Support. Thanks!