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karma not paring ?!?!?

I have bought the Karma Drone one year ago, and my last flygth was 3 month ago. This week I tried to fly it again, but the controller did not connect to the drone.
The problem I am having is that the controller is not connecting to the drone (drone on pairing mode, controller trying to find the drone).
I have tried different things:
- Hard reboot of the controller (Menu > Preferences > Reset)
- Updating the software of the controller (currently saying "up to date", so must be latest version)
- Updating Karma Grip (Grip currently on version 01.80.00) and Karma Stabilizer (Stabilizer currently on version 02.00.00)
- Updating Camera (Hero 6 Black, currently on 2.01)
The only thing I cannot update, is the drone itself (as it won't connect to the controller!)
I believe that the problem is between the drone itself and the stabilizer: when I turn on the drone, the stabilizer and the camera stay off (the stabilizer and camera work correctly with the Karma Grip).
Could you help me in this issue? I wait for solution asap and thanks for your attention.
Best regards,
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Re: karma not paring ?!?!?


Hin @c2jr,


Please try to reset again everything and update them manually.


If issue still persist them it would be best to contact our customer support team via phone or chat. 




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Re: karma not paring ?!?!?

Hello Jay,
I did the initialization and upgrading as per your guidance. But the problem persists. I'll contact Support tomorrow. I searched the internet a lot about this problem and found a video that shows exactly how my Drone behaves in pairing. Watch the video on the link:

Thank you in advance for your attention and help.

This is the second video in the pairing issue after swapping out batteries and stabilizers as requested by technical support.