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incorrect timezone issue persists - 3 years plus and date on videos still wrong.

OK, guys, I did a search on why the times on my video metadata was wrong. Hero8 for me.


Basically the file writes your time as UTC time no matter where you are. It does not adjust for your local timezone. So when you come to software that uses timezones on your PC the date and times and totally wrong. Unless of course you are in the UTC timezone, but I imagine it will an hour out come daylight savings.

SO I searched on the hub and it was brought up in 2016 -


And still, the problem persists I imagine it's been the case since the first GoPro.


Can we please prioritise this fix. It will help me greatly for my editing when I use multiple camera's. Come on GoPro it's been an issue for a long time. This file was recorded my Local time 15:15:15 pm (I am in UTC/GMT+10 Eastern Australian TIme) So the file should have a UTC time of 5:15 am or store my local timezone and use the local time. Either way. 


GoPro UTC Date problem.png


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Re: incorrect timezone issue persists - 3 years plus and date on videos still wrong.

Hello @volition74


Sorry for any trouble caused.

This has been raised to the team in charge.

We'll post back once new information is available.


You may want to try other applications for now.

See Programs to View and Edit Videos





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Re: incorrect timezone issue persists - 3 years plus and date on videos still wrong.

Thanks mate,


yes I use Premiere Pro and this is a problem in this software as will it be with all NLE's


im really hoping someone takes ownership of this issue. 

I am of the belief it's been an issue since most likely the first GoPro model and I'm also guessing it's been known about for as long. If a Rep takes ownership and follows it up or gets someone reasonably senior to state why it hasn't/won't be prioritised as a fix or also takes it on and pushes up the order of things to correct. I get the sense it'll just go on & on. 
most likely too the longer it's delayed the harder to fix. As more code is written around it requiring more code to fix.


here is hoping. Especially a problem the further you are away from GMT time. As the footage moves further away down the sort from where it should be. 

Such a great product that I love. Give me this fix and you can have a customer for a long long time.