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iPhone 6s won't playback 360 videos recorded via GoPro Max?

Can someone give me an answer on this... It seems that the GoPro MAX 360 videos can not be correctly edited on an iPhone 6s.  Everything works as it should, I can use the phone/app to control the camera, I can see the thumbnails, 1080 footage does playback.  But when I try to add keyframes or edit a 360 video, it only shows a black screen.  The audio is there, and if I edit it, it does edit, but I can't see what I'm editing. Is this a known and iPhone 6s issue?  My work around for it was just to record what I wanted and upload the entire video to YouTube, but to my suprise I get a message that says this:


thank you in advance.


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Re: iPhone 6s won't playback 360 videos recorded via GoPro Max?

In term of editing, software for Insta 360 one X is much much better.

everyone should choose Insta 360 one X for 360 movies for sure!

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Re: iPhone 6s won't playback 360 videos recorded via GoPro Max?

As much as a appreciate a response, and don’t take this the wrong way; Your response doesn’t answer the question at all. Let’s say I go and get the Insta 360 X, that still doesn’t solve the issue with th GoPro Max, it only hides it. It seems it is an issue with the 6s, but I won’t kniw for sure until later on this weekend where I can test it with an iPhone X. Again, I appreciate your response, but I’m not looking for camera recommendations. I stupidly bought prior to fully researching. 


I would just return it, which is what it’s looking like I’m going to be forced to do. I’m just hoping that it’s something I’m doing wrong as I can’t find other instances of this happening with the GoPro MAX. But then again, ppl who buy the GoPro MAX most likely aren’t still using 4 year old smart phones. Nothing smart about that.

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Re: iPhone 6s won't playback 360 videos recorded via GoPro Max?

Hi @jyestur


You can share your 360 videos from the GoPro app directly, but different social platforms will have different length limitations for your videos. That’s because 360 video sharing is a resource-intensive activity. It not only demands a lot from your mobile device but also from the platform to which you are sharing, so either the platform or the operating system limits the length at which 360 videos can be shared via the GoPro app. If you try to share a clip that is too long for a given platform, we’ll let you know how much needs to be trimmed.