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how to save rotated videos to sd card

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I have a series of videos that were accidentally recorded upside down. Now I would like to view those videos in their entirety, but can only seem to rotate them in Quik. How do I take the rotated videos and save them back to the camera? Ultimately, I'm going to connect the camera to my tv and view the videos through the camera on the tv - so I would like to get the videos in their proper orientation and be on the camera. Right now the videos display correctly when the camera is connected to my computer, but once I unplug the camera from my computer and plug it in to my tv, the videos go back to being upside down. Any suggestions much appreciated. I'm using the Hero 6. Windows 10. Samsung Frame tv. 

Thank you!


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Re: how to save rotated videos to sd card

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Why not just stream it from your PC to your TV?  Save you having to copy the files from the GoPro, invert the image 180 degree's, save the new video, copy the video back onto the card........


Just open up VLC player, invert the image 180's using adjust settings and stream it to the TV........... BTW... nice TV!



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Re: how to save rotated videos to sd card

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@spiryjump75626, if using Quik for Desktop, the videos can be rotated for in-application editing process only.


To playback and permanently rotate the original video files on your computer, I advise using a 3rd party application (e.g. VLC player) as also suggested by irishmanpdx.