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how can I hardwire a hero7 2 a monitor & still retain waterproof mtd 2 outside of rv

want 2 add cpl cameras to r class a motorhome and have a monitor where rear view mirror would be hardwired 2 rear camera, on continuously & side camera hardwired 2 monitor on dash, on continuously.  commercial backup cameras r crap, low resolution tiny monitors. surveillance cameras dont work while moving takes 2 seconds for image 2 stabilize, plus the 1 second delay going thru the NVR, pretty much useless at 65mph.

     was thinkin, who would hav the best image stabilization? GOPRO! already spent $1700 on hi end surveillance cameras that wont work, hoping i can send bk 2 amazon. just bought hero7 2day 2 experiment with. was thinkin i could make boxes 2 house them. hafta protect open covers when i connect 40ft hdmi cable to monitor. as i sit here tryin 2 figger how 2 make this work i realize hero7 doesnt come on automatically? i have to climb 10ft off the ground 2 turn it on every time ?

anything u guys can offer that would help me get this working?

a watertight enclosure that would allow hardwiring & auto on when monitor powers up?

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Re: how can I hardwire a hero7 2 a monitor & still retain waterproof mtd 2 outside of rv

Frankly this is more trouble than it's worth and a waste of a camera.  You'll also only get a 1080P feed to your monitor.  Controlling the camera (turning on and off, starting and stopping recording) will also be unreliable due to the distances involved.  You'd be better off with a more expensive hardwired system than trying to use an action camera for what you're trying to achieve.

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Re: how can I hardwire a hero7 2 a monitor & still retain waterproof mtd 2 outside of rv

@rockystar80160, agreeing with @irishmanpdx about the camera's output format when broadcasting to a monitor using HDMI. While a GoPro camera can be remotely controlled using a Smart Remote or GoPro App (Paired through the camera's Wi-Fi and will require the camera to be powered on. Once you turn the camera off, you will only be able to turn it back on with the remote for about eight hours. If you go beyond that you will need to manually re-establish the connection.). I also agree that this can be unreliable due to the distance involved.

In addition to this, HERO7 Black camera is waterproof as long as all camera doors are closed. Connecting the camera to a monitor via HDMI will require you to have the side cover open, which might risk the camera's waterproofing when exposed to rain or water.