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hero7 black app only allows youtube setup, not facebook

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iPhone XR iOS v 12.1.2
GoPro v 5.2.2 (2968)


issue: trying to set up FB live via these directions

result: App is hung on youTube config. No option to config FB.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. power up camera and init app
  2. connect to camera
  3. select "live" (tooltip says "Stream to YouTube")
  4. Press "set up live"
  5. Accept "Allow YouTube Live" dialog
  6. dialog for oAuth prompt; "gopro" wants to use ""; press CONTINUE
  7. Redir to Google oAuth page; select my correct account
  8. Screen loads, then goes to black with red (!)
  9. Dialog: "Something went wrong" - press "got it" since I know I've turned on youtube live, and am in 24 wait
  10. Camera disconnects from app–select "control your gopro" and repeat steps 1-9 with same result
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Re: hero7 black app only allows youtube setup, not facebook

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Twitter @gopro told me to tap the youtube icon hiding at the bottom to get to the facebook setttings. Not intuitive, but now I'm stuck in the same loop with facebook. You can see my issue in the video here. Please help!