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hero session drone/quad signal interference

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Dear GoPro Technical Team


I have a Hero5 session, which is a perfect device by size and efficiency for drones, specially the freestyle drones.

the thing is when connecting the gopro to the iphone/ipad, and fly, the image is streamed on the smartphone screen, the quad start to behave strangely, it starts loose signals, then after a second or 2, it catches the signal again, a bit scary move!

the Hero5 Session, is so common by mounting it on drones/quads, please would you try to do something about it? maybe a firmware update?

The problem is that not only we use videos while flying, snapping photos is essenetial too! and it is not possible to snap unless you have a tool, and the Gopro App is so helpful, please help in this matter.


Thank you 



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Re: hero session drone/quad signal interference

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The WiFi from the camera is causing intereference with your drones WiFi.  This is why most people use the HDMI out on the camera and run it through the drones wireless transmission.  I would suggest you get on a drone forum and find out the best way to route your signal.  I'm sure they will also tell you why you shouldn't have your wireless on your camera active when it's attached to a drone.